Serena Williams: Tennis Player Says ‘I Think It Is Sad’ Athletes Will Skip Olympics Over Zika Virus Fears


Serena Williams says she supposes it’s “despondent” that diverse competitors are quitting this late spring season’s Olympic recreations in Rio because of stresses over the Zika infection.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

The 34 years old American, who received singles and doubles titles at London 2012, beat Amra Sadikovic 6-2 6-4 inside the Wimbledon first spherical on Tuesday. Williams is defending Olympic champion in both singles and doubles. She won doubles gold close by sister Venus in 2000 and 2008, too.

“My experience has been surely beautiful at the Olympics. I virtually loved going available and competing…standing accessible and being an Olympic competitor,” Williams informed reporters.

“I think for me, the most vital thing is information and assurance, to recognize what I’m going into,” said the world’s No. 1 female tennis player. “It is truly one of the best encounters that I’ve ever had. It’s troublesome for somebody that is in a game like a golf on the grounds that their primary objective, similar to tennis, is to win Slams.”

Inquired as to whether she felt like Day and others – including Rory McIlroy – are passing up a great opportunity for the Olympics, Williams was uncertain.

“I don’t know whether they’re passing up a great opportunity … I mean, everybody’s experience is distinctive,” she included. “My experience has been truly astounding at the Olympics. I truly cherished going out there and contending, truly just, you know, emerging there and being an Olympic competitor.”

She proceeded with: “I do, I think it is dismal. Be that as it may, in the meantime I clearly comprehend what position they’re maintaining and how they feel. A portion of me feels that, too, which is the reason I’m going in, you know, with an entire mentality of how would I ensure myself, how would I avert furthermore bring issues to light for this. That is somewhat what I’m looking like at it.”