Facebook requests evidence of ID from fear bunch namesakes ISIS Thomas


The most recent in a long line of individuals named Isis is experiencing difficulty with Facebook. Bristol (UK) lady Isis Thomas has discovered she’s persona non grata with the social mammoth.

Facebook is quick to eradicate any hint of ISIS (Islamic State, IS) and has set up principles that are stringent to the point that other pure observers have been gotten in the crossfire.

Thomas, named after the Egyptian goddess of well-being, marriage, and shrewdness, was requested that change her name subsequent to signing on to the site on Monday. She accepted it was alluding her surname.

“I was on Facebook as Isis Worcester, because when I first signed up years ago I didn’t use my real name, which is Isis Thomas, because of where I worked at the time,” she told the Bristol Post.

“I thought it was about the surname, so I just changed it to Isis Thomas. But that didn’t work and I realised they had a problem with me being called Isis,” she added.

Thomas says Facebook messaged her with “Isis is not allowed” as it “didn’t comply with the policy.”

Name Policy
Name Policy

Facebook asked Thomas for “proof of identity,” which she duly sent. But so far Facebook has been playing hardball – Isis fears satisfying their criteria may take a little more.

“I checked out other times this has happened, and found a woman called Isis who had to start a Twitter campaign because Facebook made her send in ID three times before they finally let her back on,” Thomas said.