Olympic boxer Hassan Saada arrested on suspicion of rape against two ladies at Rio 2016

A Moroccan boxer has been captured by Brazilian police over assertions of sexually striking two female cleaners in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic town. Hassan Saada, 22, was hung on suspicion of submitting the strikes on Wednesday, a police said.

The boxer, who battles in the light-heavyweight class, was because of participate in his first session on Saturday. A Brazilian judge has requested he be confined for 15 days, pending an examination, media reports said.

The lightweight boxer was expected to contend on Saturday against Mehmet Nadir Unal of Turkey in the preparatory rounds, in spite of the fact that he was not anticipated that would challenge for awards. Saada will no more contend at the Rio Olympic Games.

Saada was taken to a police headquarters close to the Maracana Stadium, where the Olympic Games opening service happens on Friday evening, where he was stripped of his Olympic rival status. Saada will be exchanged on Friday to a remand jail in the Polinter area of Rio de Janeiro, where police will formally address him as a feature of the investigation.

The lightweight boxer was relied upon to battle on Saturday against Mehmet Nadir Unal of Turkey in the preparatory rounds, despite the way that he was not foreseen that would challenge for grants. Saada will no more battle at the Rio Olympic Games.

A portrayal about Saada on the International Boxing Association’s (IAB) site depicted the 22-year old as the newcomer to the worldwide scene who has “reliably exceeded expectations at Youth level in Morocco, and is one of the greatest examples of overcoming adversity from the Chaouia B Boxing Club.”