At least 31 people killed in train collision in Iran

At least 31 people were killed in Iran at an early on Friday when an intercity express was hit by another train while halted at a station, the officials said.

The accident happened in below zero temperatures around 150 miles east of the capital, Tehran. Four of the fatalities were railway representatives, state Iranian  media report.

The crash supposedly brought on four carriages to fall off the tracks.

Flares burst and dark smoke poured from no less than one train car in the region of Semnan, east of Tehran.

“The bodies of 31 dead have been identified and more than 70 people hospitalized,” State Governor Mohammad Reza Khabbaz told nearby media.

“We can have a better idea about a number of casualties after the fire is put out,” said, Mehr  news agency reported.

The quantity of travelers in the trains was not quickly known. Notwithstanding, semi-official Fars News Agency said 100 people have been saved as such.

The express train had been forced to stop between stations by a mechanical failure Khabbaz said.