Colombian Chapecoense plane crashed on ran ‘out of fuel’ authorities said

Colombian authorities say the pilot of the plane that crashed in Colombia had radio records he was coming up short on fuel and in an emergency. Brazil’s O Globo daily paper said Colombian civil aviation authorities had confirmed there was no fuel in the aircraft’s tank and have opened an investigation.

The plane had no fuel on effect, an authority said, The plane is in complete electric failure and without fuel,” as indicated by two sources acquainted with the investigation who heard audio recordings.

Juan Sebastian Upegui, the co-pilot on an adjacent Avianca plane, said he caught the LaMia pilot telling the control tower stuck in an unfortunate situation.

In the audio, Upedgui said, “I remember that [my] commander asked, ‘They have fuel problems and are not declaring an emergency?'”

“Mayday….. help us get to the runway..  help,” Upegui portrayed the pilot as saying.  “Then it ended. We all started to cry.”

Just end of the audio, he says he is flying at a height of 9,000ft (2,745m).

The plane dove into a mountainside close Medellin late on Monday.  Six of the 77 people on board onto the plane survived.