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Powerful earthquake 6.7 magnitude hits china

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake  has hit China’s northwestern outskirt with Tajikistan, executing one individual, destroying houses. Solid tremors were likewise felt in neighboring Kashgar Prefecture. China’s state news agency Xinhua says rescue groups in the Xinjiang district have been sent to help isolated communities on China’s bumpy border with Tajikistan […]

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Russia makes uses of Iranian air base to lead strikes in Syria

Russian jets have done airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria from an airbase in Iran surprisingly,a noteworthy advancement in the coordinated effort between the two vital partners of Bashar al-Assad’s administration. Tupolev-22M3 long-run planes and Sukhoi-34 strike contenders took off from Hamedan on Wednesday, an announcement said. The aircraft assaulted […]

Syrian clash: Saraqeb ‘assaulted with chlorine gas’

A helicopter has dropped barrels suspected to incorporate chlorine fuel on a metropolis in northern Syria, an expert and rescuers have said. Around 30 people were effected by means of the assault, which occurred in Saraqeb in Idlib territory.  It isn’t clear who turned into dependable. Each aspect of Syria’s […]

NASA discovered a New Planet

Space scientist out of the solar system, nearly three thousand new planets detected so far have discovered planet Kepler telescope with the help of. Washington, IANS. US space agency NASA has detected another planet out of the solar system. Neptune in size (Neptune) K2-33B slightly larger than the 50 million […]

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